Therapy for artists

Before the artist can produce anything, she must first establish a life which nourishes, rather than undermines, her impulse to create. She must struggle with issues of money and time, with her own nagging self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness. She must summon the courage to do for herself before doing for others. She must stare down society's persistent--and usually internalized--messages that her story is not worth telling, that she has nothing to say, that she's selfish and immature, that she is devoid of the genius necessary to do anything interesting, that art itself is unimportant, and that no one is going to listen anyway.

What separates artists from ex-artists is that those who challenge their fears continue; those who don’t, quit.
— David Bayles and Ted Orland, Art and Fear

Are you struggling with...

  • Self-defeating thoughts, behaviors and actions?
  • Difficulty claiming the space and time in which to create?
  • Relationship issues which interfere with your work?
  • Work which interferes with your relationships?


  • An inexplicable, inability to create?
  • Difficulty executing artistic visions?
  • Inconsistently valuing your work or not valuing your work at all.
  • Addiction problems?
  • Unresolved grief or loss?
  • Or difficulty relating to your family of origin?

If so, please call my San Francisco office at (415) 261-2989 or email me to schedule an initial therapy appointment. You can also send me a text. I work with artists of every medium and writers of every form and am looking forward to your call.