Are you struggling to make one or more of the relationships in your life work? Are you tired of feeling hurt, lonely, frustrated or angry?

Most people have a strong yearning for intimacy, shared experiences and mutual understanding. But many are unable to experience much joy or satisfaction in their lives because their relationships are so fraught with misunderstanding and pain.

Any kind of relationship—a romantic relationship, relationships with parents, siblings or extended family, coworkers and bosses or relationships with friends—can be sources of satisfaction or sources of misery.


I've helped people with some of the following concerns:


  • Recent breakups
  • Fears of being too close or too dependent, fears that they may lose themselves when they become too intimate or spend too much time with another person.
  • Frequent feelings of anger toward one person or toward many people in general. Sometimes, this is also coupled with guilt feelings about that anger.
  • Feelings of being ignored, forgotten or taken for granted.
  • Feelings of not knowing who they are when they are around other people.
  • Frequent verbal fights.
  • Physical fights.
  • No verbal or physical displays of frustration, but a great deal of inner turmoil about one or more of their relationships.
  • An inability to communicate one's needs and desires effectively.
  • An inability to get one's emotional needs met.
  • Feelings of being unworthy of another person's love and affection.
  • Difficulty enjoying sex with partners.
  • Intense resentment.
  • Losing interest in romantic partners shortly after a relationship has begun.
  • Desiring only people who are unavailable for romantic relationships.
  • Lying to people you care about.
  • Feeling unable to trust others.
  • Feeling lonely when in the company of others.
  • Being unable to find or maintain close relationships.
  • A sense that one is repeating negative relationship patterns that were formed in your family of origin.


It is possible to improve the quality of one's relationships


If an important relationship is your life is fraught with conflict, misunderstanding, hurt or frustration, I encourage you to call me for an initial consultation at 415-261-2989 or email me.  You can also send me a text.  I have offices located in the Inner Sunset and in Hayes Valley.